Baby Hooded Towel (Bear)

Looking for ultra soft, plushy and super absorbent towel for your baby? We know that rough towels can damage your baby's delicate skin follicles. That is why, we made our KeaBabies Hooded Towels to be ultra soft and highly absorbent as compared to normal cotton towels. No wiping or harsh rubbing of towel on your baby's skin to dry them after bath! Simply wrap them up with the towel and they are dried instantly! Bath Time Can Be Fun! Bath time is the one of most intimate time you share with your baby. Snuggle up close before and after bath time with your KeaBabies Towel. Get overloaded with cuteness and love! Role Playing Fun Enjoy cute animal role plays with your little one with your KeaBabies Towel. Sing nursery rhymes and teach animal sounds. Make bath time a lasting joy of memories and fun for your babies! Thousands Have Raved About This! Highly raved by parents worldwide, our KeaBabies Towel ensures quality at the most amazing value.