Our Story


Our Story

Let It Be Baby was founded to inspire the celebration of new life. 

We want parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, foster and adoptive families, and those who are raising young children to feel supported. We offer soft, practical, and high-quality products to express our promise to support caregivers.


Giving Back 

We are committed to helping the foster and adoption systems get better. A portion of each of our profits is contributed to organizations that support children who are currently in the foster care system and families that need additional assistance raising their children.

Let It Be Baby has previously partnered with local organizations to make a difference in the lives of children in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Donations have been made to two local organizations: Fostering Hopes, which works to keep siblings together while in foster care, and Open Arms, which supports young mothers by giving them access to medical care and materials during pregnancy.


Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Kat Glenn, has spent the last 20 years making investments in the lives of young children. Kat has worked as a full-time school teacher and has always been passionate about assisting caregivers and helping children in need.

After struggling with infertility and child loss for eight years, she decided to trust the hope that God promises us in His word. Indeed, God abundantly blessed them with two beautiful, healthy children.

Kat is driven to improve the lives of kids throughout the country and is mindful that it begins with her family at home. Her ultimate goal in parenting her children is to raise them to be happy and kind people. As her kids get older, Kat wants them to be a part of the creative processes and occasionally challenging responsibilities that come with being an entrepreneur. She aspires to teach a deep understanding of the potential for entrepreneurship to her children.

Outside of running Let It Be Baby, Kat enjoys spending her days with her family in open spaces like playgrounds and apple orchards where they can play and enjoy the day.